Introductory Program – Otherwise known as Ballroom 101, this program is designed to introduce students to the many exciting things that ballroom dancing has to offer. In our introductory program students learn the basics of several of the popular social dances and the fundamentals of lead and follow. Give us a call for more information on our introductory specials.

Pre-Bronze Program – The Pre-Bronze program includes the fundamentals needed to get out on the dance floor and have fun! Basic patterns are taught in this program as well as tips on rhythm, music recognition, and lead and follow.

Associate Bronze Program – The Associate Bronze program allows students to begin to travel their ballroom dances around the floor. They are introduced to basic techniques, footwork, and styling, giving them a more polished look. Their partnerships develop as we continue to work on lead and follow and connection, making students feel more comfortable and eager to get out on the floor and dance!

Full Bronze Program – Bronze is the full Social Standard. Each dance syllabus includes enough variety to keep each dance interesting and spontaneous. At this level students begin to feel the dancing is second nature. Their timing and technique mature, and leading/following becomes so strong that switching partners is not longer intimidating, but a pleasure.

Silver Program – This is a program that is perfect for long-term hobby dancers. The Silver patterns are flashy and fantastic. Students appear to glide across the floor, as though on ice. Their Cuban motion is sexy and sultry. Their technique is so polished that they look as though they’ve been dancing forever. A Silver dancer always stands out on the ballroom floor.

Gold Program – Dancing with the Stars! This program features intricate patterns that are only to be used when both partners have precision technique. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are necessities in this standard. If ballroom were in the Olympics, competitors would be gold program dancers!

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